Atlan Rudemo

Gray Jedi leaning light



At some point during the war I needed to make a grocery run. I needed some electronic parts, some crap Jolee asked me to find. They weren’t impossible to find but they were on the rare side, took me a bit to track them down, but I found some for sale on a planet, pick one. This planet was the site of occasional minor skirmishes and was considered of low strategic value in the war, but I deemed it safe enough to go there as long as I kept a low profile. While examining the parts in the shop’s back room, some sith showed up. By the time I noticed they were already slaughtering people. I could see from the back room, and they hadn’t noticed me yet. I wanted to interfere, but there were 6-8 of them and they were obviously skilled. I knew that if I tried I would have no chance. So I did the only thing I could, and hid until they were gone. Sometimes all you can do is live to fight another day. I don’t feel guilty as though I did something wrong but it does still bother me. Identifying those men and bringing them to justice could be a personal goal for me


Atlan Rudemo

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