Episode I - Return to Kashyyyk

Episode II – Tragedies of Durace

Episode III – Under a Black Sun

Episode IV - The Garrisons of O'Reen

Episode V – The Burning of Maximus

Episode VI – Raiders of the Lost Enclave

Episode VII – Prisoners of the Jedi

Episode VIII – The Horns of Iridonia

Episode X – A New Home

Episode XI – The Winds of Tund

Episode XII – Pilgrimage to Jedha

Episode XIII – The Tower of Faith

Episode ?? – The Steel Forest

Episode ? – The Council’s Judgement

Trip home to Iridonia (Zabrak homeworld), devastated by war. Reek war mounts. The fact that Trucido is not a skilled fighter is not well though of. Artificial species created during the Infinite Empire.
Trip home to Mirial for [devin]. Allied with Sith during the war, trying to rejoin the Republic. Cold and dry.
Trip home to Kiros for Cuvander. Idyllic world with 50,000 artists in a colony.


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