The Tower of Faith

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


Episode XIII


On their way to Jedha to meet Jedi Master Samos and ask for her help using her Force Seek ability to find Tul’Kar, Atlan confronted Cuvander about his new Rakatan Forcesaber. Cuvander said he was trying to study and bond with the artifact to better understand the Force-powered technology of the Rakata. Atlan, concerned about Cuvander being exposed to such powerful Dark Side energy, convinced Cuvander to put the saber into storage.
On arrival on Jedha, the Gray Jedi saw a great festival happening throughout the holy city of NiJedha, centering on the Temple of Kyber. They changed their clothes to match the flashy look of the festival attendees and wandered the streets for a while. When they arrived at the temple, they saw the great meeting hall and the giant Kyber crystals that dominated the hall. The crystals reacted to the Force alignment of the Force-sensitive pilgrims, and Tebru talked Cuvander into touching a crystal.

The crystal flashed red, and everyone in the room but the Gray Jedi were overcome with rage and began to attack each other. Orec ducked out of the room to look for Samos while Tebru shouted the crowd down. In a meditation chamber, Atlan found Samos and tried to convince her to use her powers to help the Gray Jedi. In order to be convinced, she read Cuvander’s mind – and was overcome with the hate and horror left over from Tul’Kar’s brief possession of Cuvander. Orec was caught in the vision as well when he tried to help Cuvander, and it took the combined efforts of Atlan and Tebru to separate the three Jedi. Samos agreed to help the Gray Jedi, but only with her knowledge and lightsaber, not her Force Seek abilities. At Atlan’s insistence, she agreed to revisit the conversation in the morning.

As the Gray Jedi started to leave the temple, a group of SITH TERRORISTS entered and took a group of pilgrims hostage. Tebru sprang into action, firing at one of the giant crystals to disperse his blaster bolt into a refraction of death. Atlan took advantage of the distraction to use his Force Move powers to block the terrorists from some of the hostages with broken statues. Orec sneaked in via a side passage, but was spotted and forced back to the meditation chamber. Samos healed some of his wounds, and he rejoined the battle. The Jedi took some serious damage, but with the assistance of some Guardians of the Whills in the pilgrim group, they killed two-thirds of the terrorists and saved more than half the hostages. The Gray Jedi move to regroup, realizing this fight is just beginning….

The Tower of Faith

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