Episode IV

Opening Crawl

On the criminal world of Ord Mantell, the Gray Jedi search for a Rakatan artifact and purchase supplies. Through the subtle and clever use of the Force Move power, they foil a shakedown attempt on a friendly shopkeep, who asks them to cancel his debt — held by the notorious criminal leader DAMAERA KAHN. Some questions around town yield no meaningful results, so the Jedi go to purchase armor and sell the jewels they took from the Sith Temple on Durace. Afterwards, they turn the tables on a thug and terrify him beyond belief, and he tells them about Damaera’s Club Fenn and the safe in her office where she keeps her jewelry.

While Shuzo and FNP-90 get some sleep, Trucido, Atlan, and Cuvander have a “boy’s night” at Club Fenn. In between dancing and drinks, they case the club for an entrance to Demaera’s office. Atlan uses a bit of Force Sense to play matchmaker for the bouncer to the VIP area, giving them a clear entrance. The VIP area was a den of excess, and the inexperienced Cuvander draws attention by both unsubtly checking the room out and by being obviously uncomfortable at everything going on.

Atlan uses his Force Influence to smooth the way for Trucido to bully his way past the door guards into Demaera’s office, and even got their security access card. The two searched the room, only to be caught by Demaera with Trucido being caught literally red-handed after he got a paper-cut. A couple failed deceptions later, Trucido shifts focus and successfully convinces Demaera that she would rather give the necklace to the Jedi than wait for Tul’Kar to come and take it from her.

The Jedi leave Ord Mantell, considering returning to take down the Black Sun Syndicate when they have a little more time. Trying to keep ahead of Tul’Kar, the Jedi make their way to the militaristic colony world of O’Reen. The xenophobic citizens will make any attempt to find an artifact difficult….


Opening crawl:
O’Reen is a world driven by fanatical devotion to their dictator, Maximus Moxx Cantrell. The Gray Jedi come to O’Reen, seeking an ancient Rakatan sword. Before they even reach the planet, they are stopped by a military ship, and only the weight of Cuvander Drull’s name let them approach the planet. Taking the identity of archaeologists, as Cuvander and Shuzo did years ago, the Gray Jedi split up into two groups. Atlan and Cuvander headed to the Magnus’s palace, intent on creating a cover story that would keep the Magnus occupied — an arms deal. Meanwhile, Trucido and Shuzo followed the parade float where the sword was being used in a historical re-enactment. Trucido was drawn away by Shistavanen police officer Corporal Shenn Rahac, who accused him of being an unregistered alien — a dangerous position to be in on the xenophic O’Reen. The Jedi are a myth on O’Reen, an Arthurian fantasy of superheroic knights and their mystical swords of light. Trucido took advantage of this, igniting his unstable-looking uranium-green lightsaber and slicing through Shenn’s weapon then using this as an intimidation tactic.

Meanwhile, a revolt broke out, rebels marching through the streets towards the Magnus’s Palace. Magnus Cantrell immediately assumed Atlan and Cuvander were with the rebels, and a fight broke out in the Magnus’s office. The battle was fierce, with Cuvander barely holding his own against the Magnus while Atlan used his Force abilities to throw his enemies into each other, quickly taking them out of commission. When Atlan finished with the guards, he used the lightsaber technique of Trakata to turn off his saber at just the right moment to catch the Magnus off guard and behead him.

While Trucido dealt with Corporal Shenn, Shuzo made her way back and forth through the crowd, using her Force powers to augment her agility, dodging between people and running up walls when necessary. Unfortunately, she fell and ended up in the line of fire between the rebels and the military, and was saved at the last minute by Trucido. Again trading on the mythical status of Jedi, Trucido intimidated the historical re-enactors into giving him two swords — one of which was the one they were looking for. Separated by a city engulfed by battle, the Gray Jedi must find a way to get off O’Reen before the revolution pulls them in….


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