Prisoners of the Jedi


Episode VII

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The Gray Jedi arrived on Dantooine, former home of the Jedi Council and their least favorite place in the galaxy. The combination of boring fields and preachy Jedi hit all their buttons. The surface was razed by the Sith less than a year ago, and now the Jedi Enclave lies in ruins, preyed on by treasure hunters. The Gray Jedi came looking for a suit of Rakatan armor, though they didn’t know where they’d find it.

Another apprentice of Jolee Bindo, the sneaky Sentinel [Devin], had taken up as a treasure hunter on Dantooine since the bombardment. The Gray Jedi met up with [Devin] and asked his help, and he was able to point them in the direction of an ancient ruin where an armory was rumored to be buried. Another treasure hunter, a Kel Dor ex-Jedi by the name of Tul Virra, tried to stop the Jedi from their goal. Atlan talked their way past him, and they entered the ancient Rakatan ruin.

After fighting through a group of laigreks, the Gray Jedi re-buried the ruin’s entrance, as they suspected Tul Virra was not far behind. They shortly encountered a spider droid, and Atlan trapped it at the far end of a corridor. [Devin] used his computer slicing prowess to codebreak his way through several security doors, and closed a blast door behind them to slow down any pursuers. Finally the Jedi found a giant room with a Star Map and a number of mannequins dressed in bits and pieces of armor. [Devin] tried and failed to access the Star Map’s information, but took pictures of some of the data, while Trucido pieced the Rakatan armor together and Atlan tried to find a way out.

Atlan found that he could bring the roof — already barely holding together — down with a single mental push. The Jedi huddled under some mannequins for protection and let the roof come down. Atlan and [Devin] nearly choked on dirt, and the three tried to dig their way through the rubble to the surface. [Devin] used his Force Move power to “swim” through the dirt, and came out into the light of Dantooine’s moons. Looking around, he realized his compatriots hadn’t dug their way out.

Days later, [Devin] is an unwilling guest of Tul Virra, while Atlan and Trucido float unconscious in vats of healing bacta. As the Jedi awaken, they begin planning an escape from Virra’ compound….

Prisoners of the Jedi

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