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It is 3,956 years before the BATTLE OF YAVIN. The JEDI CIVIL WAR has just ended. DARTH REVAN has defeated his former apprentice DARTH MALAK and destroyed the STAR FORGE, the Force-powered factory that made his army. Revan has disappeared, and the SITH EMPIRE he founded is falling apart. Imperial governors war for control, while the Republic struggles to rebuild.

The Star Forge is an artifact of the Rakatan Infinite Empire, the first Hyperspace-capable civilization, and proves that the legendary empire actually existed. Explorers and adventurers begin to search for Rakatan artifacts all across the galaxy.

MEANWHILE, two GRAY JEDI return to KASHYYYK, the Wookiee homeworld. Entering the SHADOWLANDS that lie beneath the Wookiees’ tree villages, these Jedi go to meet with their former master JOLEE BINDO


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