The Horns of Iridonia

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


Episode VIII


The Gray Jedi woke in the compound of Tul Virra after being crushed by falling dirt. Through a combination of guile and force, the Jedi confronted Virra and destroyed him, then made their way through the treasure hunters. Along the way, they “bought” through trickery a Twi’lek slave girl named Ucul’Sicra.

The Gray Jedi set down on Trucido’s home planet Iridonia. Tales tell that the Iridonians were once servants of the Infinite Empire, and Cuvander intends to examine those records. The Gritty Gertie’s doors open to reveal TORGAR, an old Mandalorian friend of Trucido’s. He says he has been looking for Trucido for a long time….

The night after leaving Dantooine, Orec and the Twi’lek slave girl they had “bought,” Ucul’Sicra, slept in the twin “eggs” of the podship. He woke in the middle of the night with her knife to his throat, but quickly talked her down — with use of the Jedi Influence power. Trucido woke from a nightmare where old bullies transformed into the Sith troopers who killed his Mandalorian friends as Atlan woke upon sensing Sicra’s anger. The Gray Jedi decided to stop on Trucido’s homeworld Iridonia, taking his nightmare as a sign.
Greeted by his old friend Torgar once they landed, Trucido retired to a bar and they spoke about the Mandalorians. Torgar, shamed by cowardice and seeking new glory, asked Trucido to become the next MANDALORE — the general-king of the Mandalorians. Trucido dismissed the idea, saying he is no warrior, but became interested in helping the Mandalorians in a different role once he heard Torgar’s intent to create a new player in the galactic game, separate from both Jedi and Sith.

Atlan and Orec considered the idea of buying a new ship, as the Gritty Gertie was both falling apart and not nearly big enough for their now seven-strong crew — but quickly dismissed the idea as they determined they’d be able to pay about 1% of the price tag of a new ship. Atlan spoke to Sicra, an angry, scared young woman with a galaxy between her and home. Atlan promised they’d find a way to send her home, and she said she would fight for them to earn the price of her fare along the Corellian Run.
Trucido reluctantly agreed to see a geneticist referred to them by Torgar, a woman who supposedly would be able to increase Trucido’s genetic potential and make him strong enough to become Mandalore. After the doctor quickly proved to be insane, Trucido took Torgar outside to talk him out of the idea of Trucido becoming Mandalore — and then they were attacked by mutant monstrosities.
Atlan and Orec researched the Rakatan influence on Iridonia, including the theory that the Zabrak were created by the Rakatan and used as fighters and training targets for the Infinite Empire. They went to check on Trucido, and discovered him cornered in an alley by the mutants. Orec manned the Gertie’s gun, blasting the massive horde away, while Shuzo waded in and FNP-90 sniped. After mistakenly hurling a dumpster into the street, Atlan crushed some of the horde with a torn-up chunk of asphalt, and Trucido headed inside to face down the doctor. He reached her and quickly immobilized her with his Bind powers, crushing her spine. After spearing her through the back with his lightsaber, Trucido fled the laboratory to avoid blaster fire from a mounted turret. The rest of the crew met Trucido and they decided they were now to leave the city and investigate a Rakatan ruin nestled in the middle of an active volcano….

The Horns of Iridonia

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