The apprentices of JOLEE BINDO came together on the Wookiee homeworld KASHYYYK to learn of an exciting new discovery by Jedi explorer CUVANDER DRULL. Cuvander unwittingly opened the RAKATAN MIND PRISON and let loose a Dark Side user, who POSSESSED him and fled into the SHADOWLANDS. The apprentices followed, barely fighting their way through a pack of KATARNS before locating the STAR MAP, a Rakatan artifact that led to more. The Rakatan war criminal, PREDOR TUL'KAR, told the Jedi about the majesty of the INFINITE EMPIRE and that he would bring it back. The Jedi worked together to bind Tul'Kar with the Force, before he escaped in the form of a spirit.

Their first destination is the planet where the Mind Prison was first found, a distant planet called DURACE. Durace is a long-dead world, where caustic lightning storms float above a wasteland of dirt. Somewhere in this hazardous place is the SITH TEMPLE where the artifact was found, and the Jedi can only hope they reach it before Tul'Kar gets there first…

System Update:

-New NPCs: Shuzo (Survival, Melee combat, Enhance, Sense), Cuvander (Pilot, knowledge, Seek), FNP-90 (ranged combat, tech). 
-Arbitrary party limit of 3 except for in special circumstances. The others will stay with the ship and train or work on tech or study or whatever.
-Gray Jedi Conflict Charts


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