Under a Black Sun

The Gray Jedi, in pursuit of Rakatan artifacts, landed on the dead planet Durace. Braving the deadly storms and sickly air, the Jedi fought through carnivorous plants to reach a SITH TEMPLE. During their journey, the Jedi learned their droid FNP-90 was an experiment in Force-powered technology by Darth Revan.

In the temple, the Jedi were overcome by a Dark Side FORCE NEXUS that brought back memories of helplessness and tempted them with the power of the Dark Side. Trucido gave in, wielding the Dark Side with terrible ease, while Atlan rejected the power and relied on his own will to face his fears. During the vision, Trucido was overcome with pain but brought himself back to consciousness through pure force of will. Atlan used his lightsaber in innovative and frightening ways, cutting a Sith Trooper off at the knee through a door and sending two sabers flying through the air and into the eyes of another trooper. The Jedi vanquished the phantom menaces and moved further into the temple.

The center of the temple held a shrine to the Rakata. The Jedi found treasures including new Kyber crystals for their lightsabers, jewelry to sell, and a Sith Holocron that belonged to Zabrak Lord Kilker Varn. After they rushed back to their ship the Gritty Gertie, the Jedi sneaked past a Sith starfighter that may have held their great enemy Tul'Kar.

Now the Jedi head for the world of Ord Mantell, where the criminal BLACK SUN SYNDICATE controls all. There they must wrest a Rakatan artifact from a gangster's grip….


- FNP-90 is still unstable after coming into contact with Dark Side energy. He considers the Jedi to look like identical monkeys, though Trucido is noted to be a "monkey cactus."
- The Sith holocron drains living beings of their Force energy to power itself. The Jedi have not yet experimented with this.
- The jewelry they found has a street value of 1000cr.
- The five Kyber crystals found were a Lorrdian gemstone (Cuvander),  two Barab ingots (Shuzo), ? and ?
- Trucido moved 2 Morality towards the Dark Side and Atlan moved 5 morality towards the Dark Side.        

Under a Black Sun

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